August 12, 2007

Vinyl Window Shutters: Long Lasting Good Looks

Vinyl window shutters are special kinds of window shutter that last for forty years. Traditional in look, these shutters can make your home really classic and give it’s a traditional touch, without actually any effort to do so. Available in all types of traditional louvered, broad and batten patterns, vinyl window shutters are extraordinary home decorating shutters that give an opulent meaning to the home décor.

Being very stylist and affordable, vinyl shutters comes in different colors including natural and wood. In fact, they can be painted in any color of you choice. Vinyl window shutters can be cleaned easily and very easy to maintain. The easiness of these shutters makes it really suitable at place with young children. Vinyl window shutters are also capable of handling harsh environment changes and offer their services for a longer duration.

These shutters basically come in hollow structure, which can be a positive as well as a negative point of vinyl window shutters. Hollowness in shutters provides greater insulating qualities that can be beneficial. It also helps in allowing greater light to come through. Sometimes, more light is not required and caps are used to cover the outer ends of these shutters. Therefore, it is better to check if vinyl window shutters carry caps or not.

Types of vinyl window shutters

Due to their usages, vinyl window shutters are getting tremendous popularity in the market nowadays. These shutters are available in different colors and patterns to suit different needs. Just think over you needs or requirement and get shutters. As a result, various types of vinyl window shutters can be seen in the market. Mainly, custom made Interior Shutter are a popularity in vinyl window shutter category. These shutters can be customized as per the requirement. Look for the framing to ensure durability and strength of the shutters. Consider various framing options to get exactly what you want. Make sure the shutters opens ups and downs and has efficient tilt bar mechanism.

How to Buy Vinyl Window Shutters

IF you are looking for a perfect vinyl window shutter, make sure you know about all the aspects of shutters. Try to notice a point of difference between different types of vinyl window shutters, though all can give you a similar wood effect. Originally, the material is similar to plastic that makes it easier to clean. Vinyl window shutters are also very economical as well. If you pocket allows, you can also go for real wood based shutters that’s looks really stylist and fashionable. Being made of real wood shutter, these shutters have a lifelong warranty. You can also search for best prices, installation options and choice of their styles. Moreover, you can also made it personalize by adding your own preferred option in it.

Being indispensable for our modern home furnishing, vinyl window shutters are a value addition. They not only restrict unwanted things to come inside the room but give a rich look to the home. So, why wait, pick up the phone and order your vinyl window shutter now!!!


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Bermuda Shutters Add Island Style to Your Home

Bermuda shutters add exotic island flair to interior decoration of homes and offices. They are the best possible shutters to give your home a personal decor and international taste. Available in various designs, the Bermuda shutters are most preferred among the decorators for protection extended by them to walls from damaging effects of direct sunlight.

For their awesome look and varied decorative fabrication, the Bermuda shutters are most preferred by the coastal and desert communities. They can be opened from the horizontal angle which ensures strong protection from the sunlight without affecting free air flow. Though a derivative product of the coastal culture of Bermuda, yet its decorative appeal has cross-cultural impact irrespective of geographical locations. Now, Bermuda shutters are in great demand for their rising use by many exteriors throughout the world.

The chunky lines and fabulous beauty of the Bermuda shutters are well synthesized with natural taste and texture of authentic wood. Wooden Bermuda shutters due to its crafted fine detail post a wonderful flair on your home or business decoration. High quality woods like Pine, Redwood and Western Red Cedar grain texture crafted on them are worth of your money value. Putting custom made painting on the shutters add to their decorative value.

Bermuda Shutters are mostly designed for tropical homes and effective for use against sun screening and reasonable storm protection. A panel of the shutters is enough to cover the whole window. It is fixed with a custom-fit support arm so that the shutter hangs from the top and remains in open position to ensure ocean breezes during afternoon catnaps.

Selecting Bermuda shutters

While selecting the Bermuda shutters, following basic things need to be taken care of.

Sizing: Correct sizing is the most causative factor in your bid to have the window externally decorated. Before ordering for the shutter, be sure of the correct measurement of your window. Even if your Bermuda shutters are non-functional sizing them properly is the greatest requirement to have a tasteful decoration of your home.

Rail and Stile Dimensions: Before installing the Bermuda shutters you must ensure that the dimensions of the stiles and rails should be balanced to the general size of the shutter. To avoid your window from blocking the side bolt, the central rail must not be offset to the sash and latch from the inside.

Wood Quality: It adds to the decoration of the Bermuda shutters. Use of high-quality and decay-resistant wood like Western Red Cedar or Mahogany is certain to give a long life and better flair to the shutters. Vertical grained wood used in the shutters make them opposing to twisting and warping. It ensures a more stable shutter. A thicker shutter though better needs for 1-5/16" thick rails and stiles.

Protecting Your Shutters: Always go for a shutter with capping. Copper cap is a smart option though aluminum is handy and more cost-effective. Before applying paints on them use a good primer on your shutters. Never forget top recoat any failing paint instantly to guarantee the longevity.

Hardware Specification: Shutter hardware is as vital to the overall look of windows. Properly painted and cared for shutter hardware lasts a long time. Stainless steel hardware ensures durability and most suitable for costal applications. With regard to the hardware style you have to search for a good supplier and apprise him of your personal choice. Preference for quality embodied and designer locks, pull rings, and bullet catches add to the style of Bermuda shutters.

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August 7, 2007

Clear Hurricane Shutters Keep Your Home Safe

Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast and the southern Atlantic Coast can easily see the value of clear hurricane shutters. Andrew, Charley, Frances, Jeanne, names that will make any Florida resident break into a cold sweat. There are still areas of Port Charlotte, Arcadia, and countless other communities recovering from those devastating storms. And, of course, the most recent Mother of All Storms: Katrina. The best way to protect the most vulnerable areas of a home, namely the windows, is with shutters.

The standard hurricane shutter can come in galvanized steel, wood, plywood and other sturdy materials. But, they all have one negative aspect in common: a lack of transparency. Sitting inside a house that is literally being squeezed, stretched and nearly torn asunder by the very worst Mother Nature can offer is bad enough. To have to do it in a "cave" is downright terrifying.

So it was that TPS, Inc. (Transparent Protection Systems, Inc.), among other companies, developed a clear window and door protection system. In the case of TPS, they created their ClearGuard hurricane panels. Based on extensive tests that were carried out in south Florida labs, it offers hurricane protection that meets the stringent national, state and county regulations. Made from the same powerful polymer that was originally invented for use in the canopies for jet fighters and car light lenses, it is as strong as any steel or aluminum panels. Yet, as it is virtually transparent (tests show it allows up to eight-five percent light transmission), the people inside are able to still see what is going on outside.

Light, as is the light that allows us to see, is only one issue. There is also the matter of light as in weight. Normal storm shutters of steel and wood are quite heavy. In addition, they are also often big, bulky and difficult for one person to install. Aluminum shutters cut down on weight, but they have the problem of being easily bent during transport or while being stored between hurricane seasons. Polymer based shutters have none of these problems. While light weight and easy for anyone to put in place, a single band can deform, but they just as easily snap back to its true shape. So, it is clear to see that clear hurricane shutters have several outstanding features to them.

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August 3, 2007

Exterior Vinyl Shutters are Long Lasting and Stylish

For centuries, shutters of various types and materials have been used on the outsides of homes. In general, they came in pairs and were intended to allow light and air in, while providing a modicum of privacy and security. Today, they have a completely different purpose. Homes have glass windows these days, so lighting is not an issue. As for ventilation, the good old air conditioner takes care of that. So, why have shutters? Quite simply, they enhance the beauty of a home. The right ones can dress a house up and really make it shine.

Historically, shutters were made of wood. That is fairly obvious when you think about it. After all, it was quite the common building material for the average home for centuries, and they were custom designed and built for each window. Yet, in recent times, a new product has come to dominate the shutter market: vinyl. One of, if not the main reason is the lack of need for any maintenance. Give them a nice wash every once in a while, and that is all they need. That is a far cry from wood shutters, which generally need a new coat of paint every year to preserve them. And how many people have time for that these days? As a result of lack of care, they rot and then instead of beautifying a home, they become a blight on it. Also, vinyl is very durable. Shutters made from it can just be hung in place and virtually forgotten. Unlike wood, changes in the weather have no effect on them. Vinyl shutters do not shrink or crack in the heat. Snow and rain will not make them rot or peel, and high humidity won’t cause them to warp or swell.

Where once shutters served to protect a home from intruders and/or the weather, that is no longer the case. Between home security systems and storm shutters, there is no longer any need for the basic shutters of yesteryear. They have become strictly a cosmetic element to home improvement. The vinyl kinds are lightweight, making them easy to install, even for one person. Also, virtually all of them are sold with some kind of warranty, usually twenty-fine years. To the average consumer, that is a lifetime. After all, in our modern world, many people do not even live in the same house for that long.

And, the benefits do not stop there. Exterior vinyl shutters come in a wide variety of colors. Not only does that make it easy for the typical homeowner to find what they want, but remodeling becomes a snap. With wood, you could spend several days carefully removing your shutters (with help), treating, painting and re-hanging. In the case of vinyl, given their low cost, painting is not even needed. It is a simple matter to remove the old and replace them with all new ones, and do it alone, and in no more than a single day. When taking all these factors into account, it is clear that vinyl is the right way to go.

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July 20, 2007

Types of Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters have graced houses throughout the United States since before the Revolution. Their elegance and style have kept them in use. Today, new finishes, materials, and styles keep shutters looking fresh and up-to-date.

There are a variety of exterior window shutters available and they are available in different types of materials including:


  • Vinyl: vinyl exterior shutters are inexpensive and long lasting. They are lightweight and easy to care for. Although they have a plastic look up close, from a few feet away, they look like more expensive shutters.



  • Composite: while more expensive than vinyl shutters, composite ones are available in a variety of styles, including Bahama shutters. Best of all, composite shutters won’t split, warp or rot. The solid backs keep bugs away as well.



  • Fiberglass: fiberglass shutters are one of the more expensive choices, but they also look great and are architecturally designed. These shutters can be ordered for storm protection and they are easy to care for.



  • Aluminum: these shutters are a great alternative to wood shutters. They are even used in some historical districts as an alternative to wood. Aluminum shutters can provide storm protection as well.



  • Wood: wood is the traditional material for shutters and many people chose it for this reason. Although wood shutters can be economical to buy, keep in mind that they will need up keep in the years to come.


Exterior window shutters made from these materials are available in many different styles. You can choose from louvered, paneled, board, or Bahama shutters. Some shutters serve purely decorative functions and are fixed to the outside of the home. Others can be opened and closed to provide light control and storm protection.

Function is an important consideration when thinking about exterior window shutters. Consider whether you need to protect your windows from flying debris in a hurricane or whether a purely decorative shutter will work. You can also find shutters that will control the light allowed into your home.

Although the board and batten style of exterior shutter was most common during Colonial times, other styles have come into popularity. Choose the style of shutter for your home based on the style of your home, what purpose the shutter needs to have, and what material you want the shutter made out of.

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July 19, 2007

Why You Need Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters keep out the sun, give you privacy and keep out the heat. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. They can be used by themselves as the sole protection against the sun. Or, they can be used in conjunction with blinds.

Affordable Interior Window Shutters

The most affordable interior window shutters are ones that come with your house or apartment. It’s very unusual for the previous owner of a house or apartment to take interior window shutters with them when they move. Interior window shutters aren’t necessarily hard to remove, but they don’t fit every window. If the person doesn’t have the exact same windows in their new house, there is no reason for them to take the shutters with them. Either way, before you purchase a house, ask if the shutters are staying. It’s never fun to move into a new house only to discover that you have no window coverings or privacy!

That being said, the next cheapest window shutters are vinyl window shutters. Vinyl window shutters come in all different shapes and colors. Faux wood vinyl shutters are becoming increasingly popular. It used to be that you could only buy wood interior window shutters. These are expensive and are often called plantation shutters. However, due to high demand, manufacturers have started making vinyl knock-offs.

One really nice thing about vinyl interior window shutters is that they work well in high humidity areas. This includes bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl doesn’t warp like wood does. With that in mind, if you plan on getting wood shutters, make sure to ask your salesperson about the durability of the shutters.

If you have an odd sized window and have to get custom interior window shutters, you’ll have to pay more money. To cut costs, opt to put interior window shutters in the rooms of your house that get the most sunlight.

Advantages to Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters keep out sunlight, heat and cold. Thicker, higher quality shutters will keep out more heat and cold than cheaper interior window shutters. Wooden shutters are made of a heavier, denser material that is more apt at resisting the elements.

That being said, some people like small pieces of light to shine through. Vinyl shutters will let in more light. Unlike wood shutters, they’re hollow, which allows some light to slip through the shutters and into your house.

Interior window shutters also keep out peeping eyes. Some types of blinds and curtains are too thin to block what’s going on inside. These shutters are thick enough to give you complete privacy.

Interior window shutters are also very easy to open and close. They do not get crooked or out of place like blinds. They also don’t have strings that can get tangled and broken. Interior window shutters aren’t for everyone, but they are becoming increasingly popular among young homeowners.

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July 16, 2007

Bahama Shutters: How to Protect and Beautify Your Home

Add a tropical feel to your home as well as added protection with Bahama shutters. These shutters are hinged at the top and they extend out from the window with arms at the bottom, similar to an awning. Providing glare free light, a Bahama shutter offers protection from hurricanes and other storms.

Many people love the coastal flair that Bahama shutters can give a home. Others love that the shutters can be opened to get fresh air into the home at still provide light control so that the home doesn’t heat up or the sun doesn’t fade carpets.

Bahama shutters offer several advantages to homeowners:

  • Quality Storm Protection: Bahama shutters attach to the outside of the home and protect windows from flying debris and wind damage.
  • Light Control: the shutters allow users to open or close the shutters to control the amount of light let into the home. Glare is eliminated and carpets and other furnishings are protected from fading UV rays.
  • Energy Efficient: by controlling the light, you’ll help keep the temperature of your home more consistent, saving energy and money.
  • Beauty: Bahama shutters add a tropical feel to any home. They make it easy to change the look of your home.
  • Sound Control: shutters offer another level of sound protection to your home. They help block out unwanted street noise and keep your home a tranquil preserve.
  • No Storage Needed: unlike some other forms of storm protection, Bahama shutters stay on your home year round, meaning that you never have to find a place to store them. At the same time, when a storm threatens, you’re protected without having to spend precious time putting them back up.
  • Ease of Care: many Bahama shutters are made from aluminum, making them easy to care for. Repeated painting or other intensive up keep isn’t needed. You can spend time on other activities.

A Bahama shutter is easy to install whether you purchase them for storm protection or as decorative elements to your home.

One consideration that you may want to make is whether to add decorate hardware to your Bahama shutters. The bracing arm on some units can be less attractive from the side. Luckily, manufacturers have recognized this problem and have designed units addressing this issue as well as separate brackets and rods to customize the look.

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