Acoustical Curtains are Critical for Your Home Theater

These days, lots of people have home theatres or some other type of home entertainment center, and a lot of them make use of acoustical curtains. The reason? Those same homes have people who want to get a good night’s sleep. With rooms like home theatres, such rooms have a lot of reflective surfaces to maximize the auditory enjoyment by the patrons. Yet, how to prevent the 1944 Invasion of Normandy, or Patton’s battle with Rommel in North Africa or a Celine Dion concert from blasting good, old grandpa right out of his easy chair? The poor man’s pacemaker could short out!

Well, a cheap and easy method of soundproofing (or at least sound dampening) is through the use of acoustical curtains. They work well at blocking sound from coming through walls, doorways, windows, patio doors etc. They are very effective on thin walls, such as those found in mobile homes. Normally, the drapes are made in various widths and lengths to cover walls and/or windows in panels, and they are made of a close woven vinyl or a polyester/cotton blend satin fabric, and then fitted with a heavy plastic fabric-style backing. Different manufacturers use different kinds of backing in order to create the sound trapping space.

In terms of cost, brand new sound suppressing curtains generally cost a great deal of money. So, often times, homeowners are advised to look for used ones through a variety of websites or specialty stores. Usually, those types of curtains do not suffer a great deal of wear and tear in the course of their use, so secondhand ones are in good condition. Occasionally the curtains will suffer some slight discoloration over time, or maybe some spotting, but they are often quite minimal.

Acoustical curtains are normally sold based on the inch of width, one dollar an inch is not uncommon for new ones and the length is sufficient to cover a wall from floor to ceiling. Often used ones (of varying condition) can be bought for less. When a homeowner is searching for a cheap and easy to install sound suppression system, these curtains are a cheap and easy way to do it.

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    Hi, can you recommend some websites as where to buy 2nd hand acoustical curtains? I don’t seem to have much luck with locating used ones. Thanks!

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