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Cheap Blinds: Protection on a Budget

While cheap blinds may not be your first choice as a window treatment, they can provide privacy, protection, and more money in your pockets. There are many window treatment options out there, but they can get expensive depending on the number of windows you have, materials used, and customization. You probably know someone who’s spent […]

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Types of Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters have graced houses throughout the United States since before the Revolution. Their elegance and style have kept them in use. Today, new finishes, materials, and styles keep shutters looking fresh and up-to-date. There are a variety of exterior window shutters available and they are available in different types of materials including:   […]

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Why You Need Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters keep out the sun, give you privacy and keep out the heat. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. They can be used by themselves as the sole protection against the sun. Or, they can be used in conjunction with blinds. Affordable Interior Window Shutters The most affordable interior […]

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Making the Most of Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds are extremely easy to find and they’re also cheap. For a long time vinyl mini blinds were the most common blinds used in houses. However, today many homeowners are looking for more decorative blinds that are more efficient at keeping out the elements. The Pros to Owning Vinyl Mini Blinds Perhaps the […]

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The Advantages of Enclosed Blinds

Enclosed blinds offer homeowners many advantages over traditional blinds. Manufacturers have responded to the needs and wants of their customers in creating these types of blinds. You’ll love the ease and energy savings that enclosed blinds offer. Enclosed blinds are sandwiched between two panes of safety glass, with small controls on the side to open, […]

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