Bahama Shutters: How to Protect and Beautify Your Home

Add a tropical feel to your home as well as added protection with Bahama shutters. These shutters are hinged at the top and they extend out from the window with arms at the bottom, similar to an awning. Providing glare free light, a Bahama shutter offers protection from hurricanes and other storms.

Many people love the coastal flair that Bahama shutters can give a home. Others love that the shutters can be opened to get fresh air into the home at still provide light control so that the home doesn’t heat up or the sun doesn’t fade carpets.

Bahama shutters offer several advantages to homeowners:

  • Quality Storm Protection: Bahama shutters attach to the outside of the home and protect windows from flying debris and wind damage.
  • Light Control: the shutters allow users to open or close the shutters to control the amount of light let into the home. Glare is eliminated and carpets and other furnishings are protected from fading UV rays.
  • Energy Efficient: by controlling the light, you’ll help keep the temperature of your home more consistent, saving energy and money.
  • Beauty: Bahama shutters add a tropical feel to any home. They make it easy to change the look of your home.
  • Sound Control: shutters offer another level of sound protection to your home. They help block out unwanted street noise and keep your home a tranquil preserve.
  • No Storage Needed: unlike some other forms of storm protection, Bahama shutters stay on your home year round, meaning that you never have to find a place to store them. At the same time, when a storm threatens, you’re protected without having to spend precious time putting them back up.
  • Ease of Care: many Bahama shutters are made from aluminum, making them easy to care for. Repeated painting or other intensive up keep isn’t needed. You can spend time on other activities.

A Bahama shutter is easy to install whether you purchase them for storm protection or as decorative elements to your home.

One consideration that you may want to make is whether to add decorate hardware to your Bahama shutters. The bracing arm on some units can be less attractive from the side. Luckily, manufacturers have recognized this problem and have designed units addressing this issue as well as separate brackets and rods to customize the look.

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    I am looking to buy vinyl bahama style shutters for decorative uses only. I need 37×72 and I need 6 of them. please email me, thanks,Toni Robinson

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    Where can one find Bermuda shutters in the Tarpon Springs/Clearwater or Tampa,FL

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