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Outdoor Bamboo Blinds: A Unique Alternative

Outdoor bamboo blinds serve as a great alternative to the conventional window treatment. Such blinds are made from an extremely lightweight material such as woven woods, reed, rattan, jute etc. Outdoor bamboo blinds give an entirely different look to the windows, which is very pleasing to the eyes. These blinds adorn the windows in the […]

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Vinyl Window Shutters: Long Lasting Good Looks

Vinyl window shutters are special kinds of window shutter that last for forty years. Traditional in look, these shutters can make your home really classic and give it’s a traditional touch, without actually any effort to do so. Available in all types of traditional louvered, broad and batten patterns, vinyl window shutters are extraordinary home […]

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Bermuda Shutters Add Island Style to Your Home

Bermuda shutters add exotic island flair to interior decoration of homes and offices. They are the best possible shutters to give your home a personal decor and international taste. Available in various designs, the Bermuda shutters are most preferred among the decorators for protection extended by them to walls from damaging effects of direct sunlight. […]

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Clear Hurricane Shutters Keep Your Home Safe

Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast and the southern Atlantic Coast can easily see the value of clear hurricane shutters. Andrew, Charley, Frances, Jeanne, names that will make any Florida resident break into a cold sweat. There are still areas of Port Charlotte, Arcadia, and countless other communities recovering from those devastating storms. And, […]

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Looking Into Discount Faux Wood Blinds

Discount faux wood blinds are a good alternative to expensive authentic wooden blinds. What are Faux Wood Blinds? The word “faux” means fake so faux wood blinds are fake wood blinds. They look like wood, but they’re made out of synthetic materials. Often times they’re made of vinyl and are manufactured to look like wood. […]

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Types of Exterior Window Shutters

Exterior window shutters have graced houses throughout the United States since before the Revolution. Their elegance and style have kept them in use. Today, new finishes, materials, and styles keep shutters looking fresh and up-to-date. There are a variety of exterior window shutters available and they are available in different types of materials including:   […]

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