French Door Blinds: How to Choose Which Ones to Buy

French door blinds are a fantastic decision for covering the windows keeping the light out and giving your room a little extra taste and design. There are many different types of blinds you can choose from that will look great on the French doors in your living area. Several different types include micro blinds, vertical blinds, and wooden blinds. You will be pleased with the results of French door blinds.

The beautiful thing about French door blinds are that they are easy to install. There is no hassle, just a couple of bars to screw in and you are done. Once they are installed, they look great. Micro blinds are best for French doors because of the small slat sizes. Micro blinds have child safe paint used on them to prevent poisoning in case a small child is playing nearby and the paint from the blinds chips into the carpet.

Vertical blinds are popular with French doors but not as much as the micro blinds. Vertical blinds have a dust guard which help cut dust accumulation virtually by fifty percent. Vertical blinds tend to have a lot of movement though, which is what leaves people to changing their minds once they are installed.

Wooden blinds give a fantastic, classic look, and they match any d├ęcor. French door blinds that are wooden are usually made from basswood or some other type of wood. If you decide on wooden blinds for your French doors, the blinds that look the best are the ones with the smallest slats. They are perfect for French doors and let the least amount of light in.

Blinds for French doors can be hard to choose from and they are a big decision because they make a big impact on the look and feel of the room. Whether you decide between micro blinds, vertical blinds, or wooden blinds, be sure of the look you are wanting. Be aware of the types of paints used on the blinds for the safety of your children, and make sure your blinds are easy to install. In addition, most of all, the smaller slat sizes look best for French door blinds.