Going Home to Graber Blinds

Graber blinds are known in the window covering industry as a high-end, good quality blinds.

Graber has been around since 1939. The company prides itself on offering beautiful, innovative blind and window covering designs to its customers. Garber’s most popular blinds include honeycomb shades, roman shades, vertical blinds and solar shades.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades got their name because when you look at them from the side, they look like honeycombs. Honeycomb shades have strips of connected rails that, when they’re put together, make the connected diamond shapes of a honeycomb. Graber honeycomb blinds are extremely lightweight, but they’re very effective at keeping out the sun in the summer and letting in the heat in the winter.

The Graber honeycomb shades are shaped like hexagons because this makes the shade energy efficient. The hexagon creates an air pocket that creates insulation without weighing down the shade. Because this shade keeps out the sun in the summer and lets it in the winter, it’s a very good four-season shade.

The Graber honeycomb shade is also very easy to install. It clicks very nicely into brackets above the window and can easily be removed. They also come in all different colors. These colors do not fade with time.

Graber Roman Blinds

Graber also carries roman blinds. These Garber blinds look like a combination of curtains and blinds. They fit snuggly in a window like blinds, but they’re made out of fabric that’s typically used to make curtains.

The great thing about roman blinds is that they act like curtains and blinds. They keep the heat out like good blinds do. Magnets in the side of these blinds make them fit snuggly to the sides of the windows. This traps heat and cold and prevents it from getting into the house.

Graber roman blinds also work like curtains. They keep the sun out just as well as thick curtains. As an added bonus, they keep 75-95 percent of UV rays out of your house. Many customers believe these window coverings are more attractive than drapes or curtains.

Vertical Blinds

Graber’s vertical blinds are a nice, traditional way to keep out the sun and protect your family’s privacy. You’ve either seen these blinds in someone’s house or business or you have them in your own home. One nice advantage to using these blinds is that they can be custom fit for any window.

Solar Shades

Solar shades can block up to 80 percent of the sun’s harmful rays before they get into your house. As a result, your house won’t heat up as quickly in the summer and will stay warm in the winter. This means lower electricity and heat bills! Graber solar blinds are relatively expensive, but they pay off in the long run because they’ll save you lots of money in energy bills.

Graber stands by its product. The company provides a lifetime warranty for all of its products. To visit Graber, go to www.garberblinds.com.