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How to Choose Window Treatments

When you consider the style and colors for your home, you know the most important thing can be your window treatments. Windows are in most every house and home. They can serve as a direct source of light for your home. Windows are like the eyes of your home. You can look out and others can look in. The amount of light can also dramatically affect your home, and sometimes you want to control how much light comes in. There are a variety of options available including mini blinds, vertical blinds, shutters, window coverings, plantation shutters, roller shades, pleated shades, cellular shades, curtains, draperies, and more.

Choosing the right kind of window treatment for your home can get very overwhelming and confusing. There is just so much to choose from! All the variety of window treatments that are available, you can be left with thousands of decisions to make. There are many websites that want to offer you the best prices and the best value. You know very well, that value and price are one determining factor of purchasing a specific type of window treatment, but most important is how your window treatments will make you and your family feel.

The first step to finding out which window treatment is right for you is to look at your budget. How much can you spend? Then, you want to get your measurements in. Write these down in a small notebook so that you always have those statistics available when you do your shopping. Nothing is more annoying than finding something you really like, buying it, and then finding out its too small or too big!

Next, you want to look at the current style and fashion of your home. What colors are predominant in each room? What is the color of the wall paper, the furniture, and the floor? Do you want to keep those colors? If so, then your choice of window treatment will be different than if you were to change the whole color scheme of the room entirely.

Next, you want to narrow down what kind of basic window treatment you want. Do you want curtains or shutters? If you’re dealing with a modern kitchen look, you may want to consider shutters instead of blinds. If you’re getting window treatment for an office then blinds may be more suitable than curtains. If you’re dealing with a bedroom or guest room, then drapes may be more suitable than blinds.

But don’t forget, there are no rules that say you have to have drapes in your guest room. There is no one right way to have your window treatment done. The only right way is the way that you are happiest with.

It also helps to cut out pictures in magazines or print them out from websites on the Internet. Once you have a picture of what you want, then it is easier for you to figure out what you need and work with that. You have a foundation to work from.