Why Levolor Blinds Are So Popular

Ever since the early part of the Twentieth Century, Levolor has been creating blinds for homes. The company, founded in 1914, is still a well recognized name in the custom window covering industry. Nearly everyone probably recalls that old television jingle of theirs, it has been around for decades: “Lift a Levolor blind and what’ll you find? You’ll find the Levolor name!” Well, the company is true to its ads. It offers blinds and shades in both the horizontal and vertical style, and made of either wood or aluminum; woven wood and cellular shades, and even sheer vertical ones.

The Levolor wood blinds come in a variety of slat sizes, one inch, two and two and a half, and can fit just about any size window. They are made from high quality wood and can be purchased in a broad assortment of stains, paints, washes and textures; they can effectively complement the wood furniture of any home. In addition, the company also offers faux wood blinds that provide the loveliness of wood, yet at a greatly reduced price. They also have the added virtue of not being effected by high humidity, and are therefore ideal for use in bathrooms and/or kitchens.

Next, there are the company’s aluminum blinds. They have the added virtue of being available with a special cordless feature. As a result, this eliminates the need for the standard raising and lowering cords. They can also come with the company’s special LightMaster aspect, which comes with offset cord holes. It allows for exceptional light control when closed. Finally, Levolor has its special cellular blinds. They are unique in that they are available in a soft, rich woven fabric, or the traditional non-woven fabric variety. The point is, they not only bring beauty to a window, they also fulfill an important function by offering insulation. When the blinds are lowered, the cellular, or honeycomb shape design expands, thus creating air pockets that slow the rate at which the sun’s rays heat the room.

So, it is easy to see that if someone needs blinds, for whatever the purpose or function, the Levolor blinds company is a good place to start. It has a wide variety of blinds for all sizes of windows, and at prices that nearly any homeowner can easily afford.