Making the Most of Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds are extremely easy to find and they’re also cheap. For a long time vinyl mini blinds were the most common blinds used in houses. However, today many homeowners are looking for more decorative blinds that are more efficient at keeping out the elements.

The Pros to Owning Vinyl Mini Blinds

Perhaps the biggest benefit to owning vinyl mini blinds is their cost. You can find vinyl mini blinds at stores such as Wal-Mart that cost less than $10. Of course the price depends on the size of the blinds, but for a smaller window, you won’t pay more than $10. The cost of these blinds makes them an affordable, reliable way to keep out the sun and heat.

These blinds also come in all different colors. This is nice, especially because a lot of blinds are limited in color. You can find vinyl mini blinds to fit nearly any color scheme.

Complaints About Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds have advantages, but they also have some distinct disadvantages. Some vinyl mini blind users find these blinds extremely annoying. Unlike other blinds or shutters, vinyl mini blinds open and close using a long chord. This chord can get tangled, which is frustrating to many.

These blinds also only attach at the top of the window and are left to flap around at the bottom of the window. This is another feature that some blind users don’t like. A loose blind can get smashed in a door or yanked off by a child or pet. Some exterior blinds attach at the bottom of the window, which is a very nice feature for door blinds.

Be careful when you install your vinyl mini blinds. One distinct disadvantage to cheap blinds is that they sometimes include cheap parts. Sometimes the screws or the plastic brackets will break. Make sure you have some extra brackets and screws on hand just in case something like this happens to you.

Other Types of Mini Blinds

Lots of people think of the 1980s when they think of vinyl mini blinds. This is an association that not everyone can handle. These days wooden mini blinds are all the rage. Wooden mini blinds are slowly replacing brightly colored vinyl mini blinds.

Wooden mini blinds keep out more light and heat because they’re thicker. They also offer more privacy. You can find wooden mini blinds that do not open and close using a long chord. Some of these blinds have a lever affixed to the blind so you can easily open and close them.

One thing you need to watch for with wooden mini blinds is humidity. Vinyl mini blinds can be placed in areas that have high humidity. This would include bathrooms and kitchens. Wooden blinds, however, may warp in areas of high humidity. Before you buy wooden mini blinds, ask your sales rep how well the blinds will do in areas of high humidity. You might end up placing some vinyl mini blinds in your bathroom and wooden mini blinds in the rest of the house.