The Advantages of Enclosed Blinds

Enclosed blinds offer homeowners many advantages over traditional blinds. Manufacturers have responded to the needs and wants of their customers in creating these types of blinds. You’ll love the ease and energy savings that enclosed blinds offer.

Enclosed blinds are sandwiched between two panes of safety glass, with small controls on the side to open, close, or tilt the blinds. The units are available in new windows and doors or you can install them in the interior of existing steel and fiberglass doors and sidelights. Many people add these blinds to kitchen or deck doors.

Some of the advantages of an enclosed blind include:


  • Low Maintenance: enclosed blinds require very little upkeep after they are installed. You may want to remove the unit once a year or so to clean the glass, but the blinds do not need regular dusting or cleaning like traditional blinds need. You also don’t need to ever paint the frame, unless you want to do so to match indoor colors.
  • Energy Efficient: You’ll save energy because the units help you maintain the interior temperature of your home. You’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Safety: traditional blinds use cords and wands to open, close, and adjust blinds. Enclosed blinds eliminate the need for this, putting fingertip controls on the side of the unit. This will reduce the risk of children and pets getting caught in the cords and potentially choking themselves.
  • Easy to Install: the units are easy to install on existing doors and windows. You may need a screwdriver, but other tools are not required. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have the blinds up.
  • Privacy: like traditional blinds, enclosed blinds provide privacy by limiting visual access to the home. The ease of use means that you’ll be able to adjust the blinds in seconds for the level of privacy that you want.
  • No Swinging: traditional blinds often swing each time the door is opened or closed, creating noise and potential damage to the door. Enclosed blinds eliminate any swinging. Blinds won’t get caught by a wind gust and you won’t wake the household when you get home late or leave early.
  • Customization: enclosed blinds can be bought for a variety of door and window sizes. You can also paint the frame to match your décor.


If you are tired of tangled cords, clutter on the window, endless dusting, and loud banging when the blinds swing, you should consider adding enclosed blinds to your home. You’ll add to the elegance and attractiveness of your home and gain added privacy, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance.

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