Vertical Window Blinds Offer Unique Style

Vertical window blinds may sound sort of like just a subtle variation of Venetian blinds, but the two are quite different. Not many people may know it, but the classic Venetian blind was not invented in Venice, Italy. In fact, it came from Japan. How it ended up with the Venice moniker, we may never know. Maybe it is like French fries and French toast.

At any rate, vertical window blinds are quite different from the tradition style. Like other blinds, they come in wood, PVC, and metal, and the average homeowner will have no problem finding ones that look great in any room of their home. There are wonderful varieties of styles and colors that ensure the perfect covering for any window can be found. The real critical difference is in the slats. With standard blinds, they are horizontal and cut to fit the width of the window. But, they have a limitation. In general, they have a definite limited height. As a result, if a home has exceptional tall windows, perhaps the floor to ceiling variety, regular blinds are not really an option.

On the other hand, vertical blinds are the perfect solution for this situation. More often than not, a person can purchase them at one standard length, then just cut them to fit whatever window they need. Or, for those who are “mechanically challenged”, they can always hire someone to install them. Also, these blinds create a light and airy feel to any room, adding immediate brightness and beauty, yet being able to close down to shield the room from excess light. Given the high cost of cooling and heating, judicious use of the blinds can increase energy efficiency and save the homeowner money. They are also quite versatile, being an option for bedrooms, bathrooms, and any place else.

Vertical blinds are also quite affordable, and can make any home look both modern and classy. And, as with so many things these days, they can be purchased online, after browsing and selecting the ideal models. Very often, the cost of the blinds bought online is lower then at a local store. While not necessarily perfect for every room, they are easy to install, maintain and clean; three factors that weigh heavily on the average homeowner’s mind in these high-speed days of today.

  • albert read says:

    I am wanting to fit vertical blinds myself. I have been given some almost new blinds but do not have a clue how to go about fitting them and obtaining the necessary rail etc.

    Perhapxs you could help

    Many Thanks

    A.T. Read

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