Contemporary Window Treatments: What are the Best Options?

Contemporary window treatments symbolize a smart new unfussiness in your exterior decoration. Away from the minimalist fashion of simply plain, it professes a crisper, cleaner and advanced decor for your put on home windows. Contemporary window treatment ensures an unsullied look than ever courtesy an astonishing array of ultra-modern shutters, fabrics, shades, blinds and decorative hardware available in an assortment of ranges of colors and chicks.

Contemporary window treatments a lot depends on your choice from the wide collection of newly available design possibilities to resolve the function of every window ensuring a better care and treatment for the window. Various factors like privacy, the view, light control, ventilation and energy competence are to be taken care of while going for most of the contemporary window treatments.

A well selected window treatment suit not only the window, but also combine it with the rest of the room and adds to the sagacity of harmony. To have this you can refer to the following suggestions.

The window shutters rarely need a fabric valance or hangings to dress them up. These are should be attractive, help normalize light, shield and robust to fit almost any décor fort their simplicity and clean lines. Even if you can avail it in numerous colors and stains, painted shutters look best only when painted same as the rest of the window casing. When you are doing the fitting yourself, go for an outside mount to make installation better. Leave space to swing open or roll back the shutter panels.

Go for following shutter styles:

  • Traditional shutters with l-l/4 inch variable louvers
  • Plantation shutters with wider louvers varying from about 2-l/2 to 4-l/2 inches wide
  • Café shutters make a good option if you want to swathe just the lower half of a window. Double-hung tiered sets can wrap a window completely, giving you more ways to fiddle with light and privacy.
  • Wood shutters offer a superior selection of louver widths, frame styles, stains or colors, but are typically more posh than vinyl.
  • Quality vinyl shutters provide a realistic option. They are easier to clean, moisture resistant and won’t crack, peel, fade or deteriorate like wood, although color selection is usually limited to white or ivory.

Trendy high-tech styles and materials flood the market. Because they often carve up materials, it’s difficult to discern between shades and blinds. The more popular types are:

Roman Shades

  • Roman Shadesavailable in flat-fold or teardrop styles
  • ready-made in a variety of colors and materials
  • made of woven fabric that looks and feels like drapery
  • features loosely folded, horizontal pleats usually 4 to 6 inches deep

Woven-Wood Shades

  • made from bamboo, matchsticks, hemp, jute, woven reeds, grasses and other natural or natural-looking materials
  • require more stacking space than pleated or honeycomb styles

Venetian (Horizontal) Blinds

  • wide assortment of colors
  • sizes from l-inch mini-blinds and l/2-inch micro blinds to 2-inch aluminum macro blinds
  • stack compactly above window

Pleated Shades

  • stack compactly above window for maximum view
  • pleats are usually one inch
  • hide completely under curtains when fully raise
  • available in various colors, textures and fabric styles, including faux marble, paper, antique satin and lace
  • for a clean look use a solid color or tone-on-tone patterns

Honeycomb (Cellular) Shades

  • layers of fabric are pleated accordion-style in honeycomb shapes
  • available in single, double and triple cell designs
  • air-cushioned fabric layers provide exceptional insulation
  • new honeycomb shades have no exposed cords
  • pleats range in size from 3/8 inch to 2 inches