Why You Need Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters keep out the sun, give you privacy and keep out the heat. They come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and materials. They can be used by themselves as the sole protection against the sun. Or, they can be used in conjunction with blinds.

Affordable Interior Window Shutters

The most affordable interior window shutters are ones that come with your house or apartment. It’s very unusual for the previous owner of a house or apartment to take interior window shutters with them when they move. Interior window shutters aren’t necessarily hard to remove, but they don’t fit every window. If the person doesn’t have the exact same windows in their new house, there is no reason for them to take the shutters with them. Either way, before you purchase a house, ask if the shutters are staying. It’s never fun to move into a new house only to discover that you have no window coverings or privacy!

That being said, the next cheapest window shutters are vinyl window shutters. Vinyl window shutters come in all different shapes and colors. Faux wood vinyl shutters are becoming increasingly popular. It used to be that you could only buy wood interior window shutters. These are expensive and are often called plantation shutters. However, due to high demand, manufacturers have started making vinyl knock-offs.

One really nice thing about vinyl interior window shutters is that they work well in high humidity areas. This includes bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl doesn’t warp like wood does. With that in mind, if you plan on getting wood shutters, make sure to ask your salesperson about the durability of the shutters.

If you have an odd sized window and have to get custom interior window shutters, you’ll have to pay more money. To cut costs, opt to put interior window shutters in the rooms of your house that get the most sunlight.

Advantages to Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters keep out sunlight, heat and cold. Thicker, higher quality shutters will keep out more heat and cold than cheaper interior window shutters. Wooden shutters are made of a heavier, denser material that is more apt at resisting the elements.

That being said, some people like small pieces of light to shine through. Vinyl shutters will let in more light. Unlike wood shutters, they’re hollow, which allows some light to slip through the shutters and into your house.

Interior window shutters also keep out peeping eyes. Some types of blinds and curtains are too thin to block what’s going on inside. These shutters are thick enough to give you complete privacy.

Interior window shutters are also very easy to open and close. They do not get crooked or out of place like blinds. They also don’t have strings that can get tangled and broken. Interior window shutters aren’t for everyone, but they are becoming increasingly popular among young homeowners.